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Lisle, S. The Ecology and Management of the Eurasian Beaver (Castor fiber).

Co-author. In press.

Lisle, S. The use and Potential of Flow Devices in Beaver Management.

Lutra 46(2) 211-216. 2003
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Czech, A., and S. Lisle. Understanding and Solving the Beaver (Castor fiber L.)-Human-Conflict: An Opportunity to Improve the Environment and Economy of Poland.

Biber: Die Erfolgreiche Rückkehr, J. Sieber, Editor (2003): 91-98.
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Lisle, S. Beaver Management at the Penobscot Indian Nation, USA: Using flow devices to protect property and create wetlands. Proc. 2nd European Beaver Symp. Carpathian Heritage Society, Krakow, Poland. 2001.

Lisle, S. Wildlife Programs at the Penobscot Nation. Transactions of the North American Wildlife and Natural Resource Conference. Vol. 65. 1999.

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Lisle, S. Beaver Recolonization in South-Central Maine. Diss. MS thesis. University of Maine, Orono, ME, 1994.

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