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The Beaver Deceiver

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Killing “nuisance” beavers often has the opposite effect on conflict history: it guarantees the conflict at that particular spot will live on forever (along with its associated costs). In the rare event that killing is effective, however, it usually means that beavers are scarce regionally. And that’s not a good sign. Allowing beavers to be that uncommon degrades wetland habitat and hurts wildlife, and thus fishermen, fur trappers, and hunters. More generally, it is a condition that should be unacceptable from an ecosystem-stewardship perspective. Consequently, we avoid “defense by extirpation.”

By contrast, our effective, non-lethal defenses end conflicts for decades while allowing for the possibility of keeping live beavers in ecosystems. Therefore, our products represent a fiscally, ecologically, and ethically responsible approach.

Top-notch products are just one element required for successful defenses. Even more important are qualities like skill, creativity, and a commitment not to kill. (Flow device practitioners quick to fall back on killing are never forced to be creative or to develop better products.) Because we never use the kill-crutch, our products continue to improve and are exceptionally effective.

Conflict zones are a complex mix of beaver and human habitats. They are always dynamic and each one has unique flow regimes and topography. Despite these challenges, our experience allows us to quickly determine the best non-lethal strategy, the ideal flow device design, or when nothing needs to be done. With this knowledge, combined with our great products, we provide our customers with the most reliable and responsible remedies that can be found.

In 2001, Skip started Beaver Deceivers International (BDI).

He has since worked all over North America and in many places in Europe. During this time, his techniques have steadily evolved and improved. He has also developed over a dozen new products and components thereof; all can be described as “industry leading”. Most of these are related to controlling damming behavior. Others include unique designs for fish ladders on, and beaver doors in, flow devices, and methods for protecting trees from chewing, preventing digging in banks, catching beavers alive and unhurt, and building boardwalks and decks to better enjoy the beauty of flowages. Because of BDI’s vast experience, and the quality, durability, and logic of their designs and workmanship, their products represent the pinnacle of effectiveness and long-lasting, low-maintenance value.

Of the hundreds of conflict sites where he has worked, Skip has yet to find one he could not solve without “extirpation.” Consequently, he has never had to kill, or recommend killing, a single beaver.

A More Positive,Less Expensive Habitat-Improvement Impact

As long as flow device use is not paired with a kill strategy, there is no better way to make a more positive, less expensive habitat-improvement impact. Skip has been pleased to also discover that the economic benefits of fixed defenses are every bit as significant as this. With beaver-human relations, it turns out that long-term thinking, creativity, a non-violent approach, and a commitment to craftsmanship can combine for a great investment. This reality has defined Skip’s career, and indeed his life.

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